Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

is to be an exceptional center of excellence in childcare, driven by Gods love to rescue, rear, and release orphaned and abandoned children.

Our Vision

is to be a temporary home, transforming abandoned children into healthy family members who love God and others. 

The founders of AGC Baby Centre, have guided the organization to help the lives of hundreds of children across Kenya. We credit growth at AGC Baby Centre to our founders’ visionary beliefs, which are the heart of the organization:

Made in God’s Image

We believe every child is made in the image of God and has a unique contribution to make in the world. We do everything within our power to help children heal and develop self-esteem in order to reach their God-given potential.

Unconditional Love

We believe unconditional love is the foundation on which all healing begins. Etched near the entrance of the Centre are the words “All Who Enter Here Will Find Love.” This is what each child experiences here.

Giving Our Best

These children, who have seen the worst that life has to offer, deserve the best we can provide while they are in our care.

These beliefs stay close to the hearts of all involved in our ministry to ensure the aspirations for the organization’s future are consistent with those of its founders.

Our Values

As the AGC Baby Centre seeks to fulfill its vision and mission, we hope to accomplish certain goals through various methods of service to the babies, families, the church, and Kenyan society as a whole.

While the mission of the ministry is to care for orphaned and abandoned babies, our goal is to deal with the issues within families and society that result in babies being orphaned and/or abandoned.  In this way, we seek to have a ministry that addresses the whole issue.


Our team strives to go above and beyond every day. This quest for excellence fuels our fire and keeps us from becoming satisfied with average performance of duties.


Our team strives to restore the selfworth of children in our care who come from a background of rejection and abandonment. We also strive to display dignity to each other and every person who walks into the Centre.


Our team strives to employ innovation in all of our processes. As we do this, we are able to steward our resources to care better for the children and each other.


Our team strives to do the right thing in all circumstances, especially when no one is watching. We strive to be a group known for its honesty, reliability, and open communication.


Our team strives to take responsibility for our actions and outcomes. In everything we do, we seek to rise to the challenge and do our very best knowing that vulnerable children rely on us daily. 

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