Our Mission and Vision

_MG_6790Our Mission:

  • To provide hope to each child through loving care
  • To enhance family growth through adoption and education
  • To stimulate church involvement through outreach opportunities
  • To promote societal stability through reintegration of the child

Our Vision:

To be a ministry to the “little ones,” thereby impacting society.

Our Goals and Methods:

As AGC Baby Centre seeks to fulfill its vision and mission, we hope to accomplish certain goals through various methods of service to the babies, families, the church, and Kenyan society as a whole.

While the main thrust of the ministry will be to care for orphaned and abandoned babies, our goal is to deal with the issues within families and society that result in babies being orphaned and/or abandoned.  In this way, we seek to have a ministry that addresses the whole issue.

IMG_7677-2For the Child:

– By welcoming them in the name of Jesus, the centre will serve the orphaned and/or abandoned babies of Kenya.
– Through physical nurture and a safe environment, the centre will preserve and guard the life of each child.
– By caring for babies, the centre will afford each child the chance to reach his/her God-given potential (i.e., to come to know Jesus Christ, to be educated, to be a productive member of his/her community.)


 For the Family:

–  By offering opportunities for adoption, the centre will help form new and stronger families.

_MG_7227For the Church:

– By preserving the lives of these children, the centre will allow opportunity for them to be integrated into the Body of Christ.
– By being a living example of compassion, the centre will teach the church how to reach out to those in need.
– Through opportunities for volunteer service, the centre will integrate church members in activities that address the issues facing society.


_MG_6783For Kenyan society:

– By reintegrating children who would otherwise not be productive, the centre will build up communities.
– Through strong families, society will be more unified.
– Through an increasingly compassionate church, society will be restored to wholeness and able to care for itself.