Lend Us Your H.A.N.D.S.

Babies are so precious!  Even the Bible says that Jesus “took the children in His arms, put His hands on them and blessed them.” (Mark 10:16)  Just as Jesus did, you have an opportunity to bless the children of AGC Baby Centre in various ways.  Whether you are in Kenya or some other place in the world, your hands can reach to AGC Baby Centre and bless the lives of babies and staff here.

Here are some ideas for how your hands can reach.

H – Helping

Although we have full-time staff members who care for the needs of the babies, we realize that interaction with others can enrich the lives of these children.  Therefore, we welcome volunteers who would like to give from their own lives to help. ��If you���re nearby and have time and a heart to serve children in need, maybe you should contact us about becoming a volunteer.

Your hands can be used in many ways to�������������

  • hold and play with babies
  • fold laundry
  • beautify the grounds to make a safe environment for children to play
  • clean or help in the kitchen

Contact us at outreach@agcbabycenter.org to use your hands to help.

If you are based outside of Kenya, possibilities still exist for involvement.  Enquiries for international visitors should be made through our Director at director@agcbabycenter.org.

Here are some teams that have volunteered recently!
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A – Advocacy

AGC Baby Centre is looking for people who can partner with us in advocacy�����������������������������������������sharing information and calling others to support the cause���the cause of Christ in redeeming these precious little lives.  While we are busy here continuing the ministry, we ourselves are not able to easily reach out to new contacts.  Many of you can touch people that we cannot reach, and therefore, touch the lives of babies and staff by bringing in new prayer warriors, new financial supporters, new encouragers, new volunteers.

If you know people who are interested in ministry to children, and especially in the work of Jesus around the world, perhaps you should share with them stories of AGC Baby Centre.  It can be as simple as sharing with a Sunday school class, ladies’ fellowship, men’s group, or Bible study group.  As more people pray together, rejoice together, work together, give together, and encourage one another, our community can become bigger and our fellowship richer.

If you would like information about the Baby Centre to share with your group please contact the     e-mail below and our Outreach Ministries Staff would be glad to help you.

Contact us at outreach@agcbabycenter.org to call others to bring their hands.

N – eNcouragement

Ministry and care for the babies is a difficult and sometimes tiring task.  The Baby Centre staff do not simply work here; they view their jobs as ministry.  We see evidence everyday that our employees love the babies.  In the course of our days, we experience so much joy and fulfillment, but there are also times when we face many things that are difficult and it can be discouraging.  And, like every other person, our employees care for their own families and struggle through the difficulties of every day life that we all experience.

If you would like to communicate with a staff member, to build a relationship that will enable you to pray and to encourage them please use the e-mail below to find out how we can put you in-touch with a specific member of our staff.  If you have some time, prayers, and words to give from your heart, you can encourage and strengthen a staff member.  You may never know how your words of encouragement will impact one of our staff members.

Contact us at outreach@agcbabycenter.org to join hands with us in encouragement.

D – Donations

Taking care of babies in any environment is costly.  One of the reasons so many children are abandoned is because the care of a child when they are in need of formula and diapers is cost prohibitive.  That is one reason the Baby Centre is committed to taking care of this group of children from 1 day old to 4 years old. We are committed to providing the formula and the disposable diapers needed to properly take care of a child in their most important formative years when nutrition is paramount for the development of their physical, mental and spiritual formation.

We are committed to be good stewards of the money we are entrusted with.  We practice and teach biblical principles on stewardship as part of our on-going training with all of the staff.  Sustainability can only be achieved through being good stewards of what God has entrusted us with.  If you are considering partnering with us through donations there are two possible ways which are described below.

1. Financial Donations:���� We solicit financial donations for operational expenses. ��������������������������Our entire paid staff are Kenyan nationals.  By supporting them through payroll we are helping to support the entire surrounding community.   We also have normal operating expenses like electricity, medicines, food, and security that we need to raise funds for.

If you���re interested and able to give on a regular basis a Transformation Pledge is an easy way to know that your money is being used to directly make a difference in the life of children.

If you’re able to give a gift right now, you can still know that your money is being used directly for care of the babies.

2. Gifts-in-Kind:  Another way that you can be part of meeting the needs of caring for children is by giving from your own “harvest”. ��If you’re nearby and want to bring from your shamba or shop, you can find a list of things below that we can use to help care for the babies.

Please click on this link to connect to our Helping Hands Booklet to find out ways you can support us through Gifts-in-Kind. (This feature coming soon)

If you’re outside Kenya but would like to help by sending things like cloth diapers or bottles or blankets, we ask that you contact our Director at director@agcbabycenter.org before starting to collect or make things.  That way, you can discuss issues of shipment and customs.

Contact us at outreach@agcbabycenter.org to share from your own hands.

S – Supplication

The most significant impact that any of us can have in the lives of these children and for the sake of the ministry of AGC Baby Centre is to pray!  We are committed to prayer as the main tool of the ministry.  As we go before the Lord with our praise, thanksgiving, and needs, we understand that by entering into prayer, we enter into fellowship with the Lord.  Through this fellowship, we can know God better and become more like Him in order to understand His mind and heart for all our decisions and actions.

We believe that we desperately need God and His presence to guard and guide us and our ministry.  We also believe that we need others to unite with us in prayer—to share the joys and to join in the battle with us.  If you would be willing to be committed to joining us in prayer, we can share with you regular updates about the praises and requests of AGC Baby Centre.  Please give us your information below, so we can put you on our e-mail list.

Contact us at outreach@agcbabycenter.org to know specific ways to unite hands with us in prayer.