Can people outside of Kenya adopt one of the babies?

When at all possible, we believe it best for the babies to grow up in Kenya with families of their own culture.  The Kenyan Government does allow international adoptions and we here at the Baby Centre do everything we can to support those seeking international adoption.

Do you accept babies who are HIV positive?

We do accept babies who are HIV positive.  If a baby is truly orphaned or has been abandoned, we can accept them.  Once they are here, we do HIV screening and afford them the proper medical care when necessary.

How does a baby test HIV negative once they have tested HIV positive?

The current affordable tests for the HIV virus actually test for antibodies that are produced by the virus, rather than testing for the virus itself.  Since a baby carries his/her mother’s antibodies in his/her body until the age of 18 months, a baby may test positive for HIV while not actually bearing the virus in his/her own body.  Already, many of our babies who first came to us testing positive for HIV are testing negative.  Many factors influence whether a child is able to reject the virus, including nutrition and health care.  We believe the most important factor affecting the outcome is prayer.

How does the Baby Centre obtain the babies?

AGC Baby Centre is a registered Charitable Children’s Institution (CCI) with the Kenyan government and works in conjunction with the Children’s Department.  Because of that, we have been connected with hospitals and police stations so that we can receive babies from them.  We are called to hospitals and the police station to pick up babies who have been abandoned or orphaned.  Sometimes we also receive transfers of babies from other children’s homes that are not equipped for care of small babies.

What do you do with the babies when they reach 4 years of age?

The new mandate by the Kenyan Government will only allow a child to be committed to an institution for 3 years.  After 3 years the child’s case is evaluated by the Children’s Court and the child is either re-committed to that institution or taken by the Government to another institution.  Our goal at the Baby Centre has always been as soon as possible to seek adoptive parents for our children.  The three years that the Kenyan Government give is the timeframe that we use to try to get the children adopted out.  We thank God that very rarely do we have a child go past the 4 year old mark.

Where do the funds for the Baby Centre come from?

We are entirely dependent upon God’s grace and the generosity of donors who want to give to support this ministry.  Check out our “Get Involved” page for information about how to give.

Who takes care of the babies?

The babies are taken care of  by many Kenyan ladies who are the primary caregivers for the babies.  We have day shift and night shift every day.  We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Each lady who is full-time works four 12-hour shifts in a week.  Our office staff work during the week 5 days and then share the responsibility of being on-call every other weekend.