Resident Adoptions

_MG_6954The best possible situation for our babies is to have an in country adoption. We believe along with the Kenyan Government that the best place for Kenyan babies is in a Kenyan home when possible. We also believe that every child deserves the opportunity to grow up in a family setting and not in an institution.

The exit strategy for all of our babies that are true orphans or children that have been abandoned and released for adoption, is to work with approved Kenyan Adoption Societies to match our children with adoptive parents. We do not directly adopt children to the public, but follow Kenyan law in going through the registered adoption societies.

To start the process you must first visit one of the adoption societies and pick up the proper forms to be filled out. The cost of this is currently 500 ksh. After you have filled out the forms you will return them back to the adoption office for processing. While Kenyan law does not allow pre-selection of any child, you are allowed to request the gender and approximate age of the child you are desiring to adopt.